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Case and Bracelet Refurbishment

Case and Bracelets can be refurbed like new with polishing and graining service we provide with the latest mops, compounds and graining wheels used by our craftsmen


Battery reseal Water Testing/ Pressure Testing

A battery can run out at any time; however we advise that you replace it every 12 months to two years.
Our watchmakers will replace your battery and reseal your watch, following five steps:

1. Replace the old battery, making sure it hasn’t leaked and damaged the movement.
2. Examine the general condition of the movement, and contacts.
3. Check all seals and replace if required.
4. Test the watch’s water-resistance to brand specification, using specialist equipment.

We do need to point out that only the battery and reseal is covered by our 12-month guarantee. If the watch hasn’t been maintained to the manufacturer’s guidelines and serviced within the last three to five years, we cannot offer a guarantee on the future reliability of the timepiece.